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A guide to Vet Clinics in Kensington and Chelsea

A guide to Vet Clinics in Kensington and Chelsea

Here is a list of Veterinary Clinics in Kensington and Chelsea but they are each different in the sort of service that they offer so read our reports on each one.

Kensington Veterinary Care: 137 Kensington Church Street, London. W8 7LP.
tel: 0207 221 3093

A small friendly vet practise run by a super vet Mr. Johnny Irish who seems both upto date knowledgeable, genuinely caring and has state of the art equipment. Most vets have to send away for blood or diagnostic tests, not Mr. Irish, it can all be done on site and the clinic has its own 24 hour emergency service so you will get a voice you know, unlike most other clinics. This clinic also runs free year round health checks for your new puppy or kitten and free dental health checks for your pet too, and even offers home visits. Their opening hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am until 6.30pm (and until 8pm on Thursdays) and Saturday 9am until 1pm.

Notting Hill Vet Centre: 106 Talbot Road, London. W11 1JR.

tel: 0207 229 9797

This is a small friendly local practice that has a sister clinic in Barons Court. It is owned and run by Emma Nicholas who is a veterinary surgeon and has a keen interest in endocrinology, radiology, virology and geriatric medicine. The services the clinic offers are Pet preventitive treatments, Dentistry, Surgery, Cat Boarding, Home visits, Insurance and Pet Passports.  Open weekdays from 8am-6.30pm on Saturday 11-2pm. Uses Elizabeth Street Vet Clinic for out of hours emergencies.


Bayswater Referral Clinic: 35 Alexander Street, London. W2 5NU.

tel: 0207 229 2040

This is a vet clinic who have a team of expert consultants who cover most of the disciplines of veterinary medicine. So they can refer you to specialists in the fields of Dermatology, Orthapaedics, Opthalmology, Oncology and Soft Tissue Surgery, Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine, Radiography and CT scanning, Internal Medicine and Dentistry. Open weekdays and until 11am Saturday. Uses Elizabeth Street Vet Clinic as an out of hours service.


Hyde Park Vets: 61-63 Connaught Street, London. W2 2AE.

tel: 0207 723 0453

This vet clinic has been run by Andrew Prentis since 1998 and you may recognise him from the vet page that he writes for The Sunday Times. It is a clinic that practises Integrative medicine which means that it combines mainstream medical therapies with complementary ones. So part of their core service is Osteopathy, Homeopathy and Acupuncture which is offered alongside conventional medical diagnosis treatment and surgery. open weekdays and until 1pm on Saturday. Uses Elizabeth Street Vet Clinic for out of hours emergencies.


Abingdon Veterinary Clinic: 85 Earls Court Road, London. W8 4EF.

tel: 0207 937 8215

This is a small local vet clinic with a sister branch in Chiswick. It is owned by Onno Wieringa who has been running the clinic since 1994 and specialises in Acupuncture. Aswell as medical and surgical services it also offers nurse clinics, physiotherapy, a small cattery and an online shop. Open weekdays and until 3pm Saturday.



Kynance Mews Veterinary Clinic: 8 Kynance Mews, London. SW7 4QP.

tel: 0207 584 2019

This small local clinic is run by Keith Butt and Peter Arbeid who also specialises in Acupuncture. They do have consultants they can work with in areas of dermatology, orthapaedics, ENT, neurology and critical care. Open weekdays, closed on weekends. This clinic also uses Elizabeth Street Vet Clinic as an out of hours emergency clinic.


Addison Avenue Veterinary Clinic: 7 Addison Avenue, London. W11 4QS.

tel: 0207 603 4407

This is a small personal and friendly clinic that Andrew Carmichael has run on his own since 1972. Sarah Parrish manages the reception and is exceptionally good at answering all your questions. Routine diagnostic testing and treatments can be carried out in house but for more complicated conditions then he uses the Bayswater Referral Centre. Mr. Carmichael's speciality is Cardiology. They also have a dog grooming service. Open weekdays and until 7pm Monday on Wednesday, not open weekends and uses Elizabeth Street Vet Clinic as an out of hours emergency service.


London Vet Clinic: 86 York Street, London. W1H 1QS.

tel: 0207 730 2068

This was originally called the Portman clinic and has been run by the eminent Bruce Fogle, who is a writer, broadcaster, Honary Life member of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association, holds two Chairs for animal charities...and he still practises! It is a very well staffed clinic and also have consultants that they bring in to cover specialist areas. Their website has lots of useful articles on all aspects of medical and nutritional advice. They are not open weekends and uses Elizabeth Street Vet Clinic as an out of hours emergency service.


Elizabeth Street Veterinary Clinic: 55 Elizabeth Street, London. SW1W 9PP.

tel: 0207 730 9102

This is a normal veterinary clinic in the weekdays and then operates an emergency out of hours service. You have to call to make an appointment rather than just turn up but a veterinary surgeon and nurse are on duty continually and they provide out of hours care for over 20 Vet Clinics in the local area. They are Monday to Thursday until 8pm, Friday until 5.30pm and Saturday until 11am.


Brompton Veterinary Clinic: 96 Fulham Road, London. SW3 6HS.

tel: 0207 225 2915  

This is a small local clinic run by Kevin Clifford. It seems very friendly and there is a great wall of photos of happy furry customers in reception but it has no website. It is open until 6pm every weekday and until 12 Saturdays and emergency out of hours calls are handled by Elizabeth Street Veterinary Clinic.


The Goddard Veterinary Group: 612 Kings Road, Fulham. London. SW6 2DX.

tel: 0207 736 5704

This vet clinic is part of a national chain of vets. Sarah Ramsey is the resident vet in Fulham and her main areas of interest are Internal medicine and acupuncture. The main website has extensive factsheets on various veterinary medical conditions. With the exception of Thursday they are open weekdays until 7pm and on saturday until 12 noon. Their out of hours emergency service is provided by Stone Lion Veterinary Hospital in Wimbledon.



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